Helicopter Crash Landing in Aso by The other Airline

We would like to report that the accidental landing near Aso Cadre that occurred on May 13 (Mon.) was not caused by the heliport operated by our company or by an operator we have commissioned.
We sincerely hope for the recovery of the passengers and the pilot who were involved in the accident.

【Arila’s Safety Initiatives】
We have been operating our business with the first priority on safety and security under the Air Transport Agency and Travel Agency Type 2 licenses, and we have been operating with no accidents and no violations since our establishment. We will continue to make further efforts to ensure safe flights in the future. Please refer to the following link for more information on our safety initiatives.

【Future correspondence】
Since the incident occurred near our heliport in Aso-Sensuikyo, we will suspend operations until May 16th (Thu.) to ensure that flights can be conducted with even greater safety. We will further strengthen our operations together with the operating company to provide safe and secure air travel.

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