Today's operation status
As of 16:17 on June 22nd
On time
※▲is scheduled to operate, but there is a possibility that the service will be canceled at the last minute.
Today's operation status
As of 16:17 on June 22nd
On time
※▲is scheduled to operate, but there is a possibility that the service will be canceled at the last minute.

This 30-minute plan allows you to enjoy all of Tokyo's famous landmarks from the sky, including Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Sky Tree! Details (8 minutes safety briefing, 18 minutes flight time, 4 minutes photo time in front of the helicopter)


Plan 30Min

Price (tax included)

29,900 yen~ /people

※Price per person when 3 people are on board

※Flight fee(Capable of boarding 3 people): 78,700yen

Flight fee(Capacity 1~ 3people) 78,700yen(Tax included)
Number of passengersPrice per person
3 people29,900 yen /people
2 people39,900 yen /people
1 people78,700 yen /people

Price details

Flight fee(Capacity 1~ 3people) 29,900yen (Tax included)
Number of passengersPrice per person
3 people29,900 yen /people
2 people39,900 yen /people
1 people78,700 yen /people

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4 steps to complete your reservation

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  • STEP4
  • Check available dates

    Please select your desired date.
    Payment will be made after your reservation is confirmed.

  • Application

    Fill in the required information in the form.
    If you have any questions or requests, please contact us.
    Please feel free to let us know.

  • Concierge

    Even after booking options etc.
    A dedicated concierge will quickly and carefully
    We will listen to your requests.

  • Boarding

    *Compare with other companies!
    ARIAir has excellent access!
    Go to each heliport smoothly!

Detailed information on cruising plans

  • Flight courses・Highlights

    With the start of operation of the new flight path at Haneda Airport, the scenic course will vary depending on the wind direction on the day of flight.

    • フライトコース

      Highlights:Tokyo Sky Tree / Tokyo Station / Imperial Palace / Tokyo Tower / Rainbow Bridge / Odaiba / Kasai Rinkai Park

    Meeting place, Address, Access

    Meeting place: Tokyo Heliport
    Address: 4-7-28 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0082
    Nearest station: Shinkiba Station
    JR Keiyo Line, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, Rinkai Line
    5 minutes by cab or bus from Shinkiba Station.If you take a taxi, it will cost around 600 yen, or if you take a bus, it will cost 200 yen and get off in front of the Tokyo Heliport.

    About flight time

  • 9 minutes: Explanation of flight safety matters, etc.
    18 minutes: Flight time
    3 minutes: Commemorative photo infront of the helicopter

  • Notes on weight restrictions and baggage

    Weight limit (total) : 250kg/Including luggage
    Weight limit (1 seat maximum) : 120kg
    Please carry your luggage on your lap when boarding. (No cargo space)
    For baggage, there is a luggage storage area on site.

  • Insurance

    Third Party Passenger Comprehensive Liability Insurance
    This insurance provides coverage for legal damages caused by accidental injury to the life or body of a third party or passenger outside the aircraft, or damage to the property of a third party or passenger's baggage outside the aircraft, arising out of the ownership, use, or management of the contracted aircraft.


    The operating company will be informed at the time of reservation completion.

    Determination of weather conditions

    If the flight operator determines that the flight is not possible due to inclement weather, the flight will be cancelled. In such cases, all fees will be refunded (excluding bank transfer fees). Even if the weather is cloudy, the flight will be performed if it is possible to fly. You may change your own itinerary up to the date before the cancellation policy is applied.

    Cancellation Policy

    Change/Cancellation Policy
    If you wish to change or cancel your reservation after it has been confirmed, please contact us by e-mail.Cancellation policy for customer's convenience is as follows:
    From reservation confirmation to
    30 days prior to boarding date: 880 yen
    29 days to 7 days prior to boarding date: 10%.
    6 days to 2 days prior to boarding date: 20%.
    The day before boarding: 80%
    The day of boarding: 100%
    However, this does not apply when flights are not possible due to inclement weather or other reasons.

    In case of flight impossibility
    • In the event of inclement weather (weather conditions will be determined by our company)
    • Cases in which a specific event occurs in the aircraft used
    • In the event of other events that may interfere with flight operations.
    • In case of flight cancellation
    Schedule changes will be accepted without a change fee.
    Refunds will be made in the full amount of the refund minus the transaction fee for
    Credit card payments and the bank transfer fee.
    Change/Cancellation Policy

    Method of payment

    Credit card payment

    • VISA
    • MASTER
    • JCB
    • Diners Club

    smart phone payment

    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Alipay
    • WeChat Pay


    • 銀行振込
    • コンビニ払い

Customer's voice


  • Male in their 30s



    I booked this helicopter for a proposal for two. She was very happy to see the view of Tokyo from the helicopter for the first time. We also included a video plan set, so we played it at the reception, and I was happy with the opening movie, which was very unique.

  • Female in their 20s



    I was looking for the cheapest helicopter tours in Japan and found it. The price changed, but there were only a few slots available, so I tried it on Saturday. I went from Tokyo Station to the Tokyo Heliport, which was very accessible.

Optional Information

  • Pick-up and Drop-off Options


    Alphard +46,000yen(tax in)~

  • Pick-up and Drop-off Options


    Limousine +120,000yen(tax in)~

  • Bouquet Option

    Our staff will deliver a bouquet of the season's finest flowers in front of the helicopter in the hangar after landing.

    +28,000yen(tax in)~

  • This can be used as a surprise memory or a profile movie of your wedding.

    +66,000yen(tax in)~

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