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Helicopter Charter Flights

  • Departure


  • Destination


  • DEP 東京ヘリポート(日中)
  • DEST MOA美術館へリポート

one way / round trip

  • one way

Number of people

  • Up to 3people

Surrounding Facilities

  • MOA美術館へリポート

Flight time


Flight Fare

410,667yen(tax in)

Make a reservation

Up to 3 people can board! The fee is for chartering one helicopter.

  • Please make your own accommodation reservations.
  • Available only to hotel guests.

Plan Details

  • Meeting Place

    Meeting Place
    4-7-25 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0082, Japan


    〒413-0006 静岡県熱海市伊豆山26

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    Method of Payment

    Credit card payment or bank transfer is available.

    Transportation From Helipad To Hotel

    You can make your own arrangements You can arrange it by yourself or we can arrange it for you (fee not included).
    If you need a pick-up service, please contact our support center by e-mail (support@arila.co.jp), line (https://lin.ee/YaliXtb) or phone.

  • About Carry-on baggage

    Each passenger is allowed one piece of carry-on baggage free of charge.
    Maximum size (55cm x 40cm) is allowed.
    Carry-on baggage is only allowed on charter flights.
    On scenic flights, please leave your hand luggage and bags in a locker before take-off.


    Aircraft Information

    R44( 3-seater )

    • R44
    • R44
    • R44

    AS350( 5-seater )

    • AS350
    • AS350


    Third Party Passenger Comprehensive Liability Insurance
    This insurance provides coverage for legal damages caused by accidental injury to the life or body of a third party or passenger outside the aircraft, or damage to the property of a third party or passenger's baggage outside the aircraft, arising out of the ownership, use, or management of the contracted aircraft.

    Determination of weather conditions

    If the flight operator determines that the flight is not possible due to inclement weather, the flight will be cancelled. In such cases, all fees will be refunded (excluding bank transfer fees). Even if the weather is cloudy, the flight will be performed if it is possible to fly. You may change your own itinerary up to the date before the cancellation policy is applied.

    Cancellation Policy

    7~4 days prior to flight date: full refund
    3 or 2 days prior to flight date: 50% refund of flight fare
    1 day prior to the flight date (the day before), on the day of the flight or no notice: no refund

Nearby Facility Information


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    豊かな温泉が地をうるおす熱海 海景が導き 木々が包み込む 小川のせせらぎ 鳥の声風の音に耳をかたむける 春の山 夏の海 秋の花火 冬のお湯 日本料理の味わいと ときに酔いしれる ようこそ ふふ 熱海へ


    Approximate Accommodation Rates

    77,000yen(tax in)~

    *Estimated accommodation fee is for 2 people (per room per night).


    Official HP


    全てのお部屋に太平洋を一望できる露天風呂をご用意いたしました。 水平線から昇る朝日、海に映る月の道、四季や時間、天候によって変わり続ける海の表情を愛でるお部屋です。 お湯は古くから病を直し長寿に効果があると親しまれてきた伊豆山温泉の源泉掛け流し。 海風を感じながら、ゆっくりとからだを温めてくれます。


    Approximate Accommodation Rates

    40,700yen(tax in)~

    *Estimated accommodation fee is for 2 people (per room per night).

Tourist Attraction

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Option Information

  • 花束オプション

    Bouquet Options

    A staff member will deliver a bunch of beautiful seasonal flowers in front of the helicopter in the hangar after landing.

    28,000yen(tax in)~

  • 映像オプション

    This option can be used as a surprise memory or for a wedding profile movie.

    66,000yen(tax in)~


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